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Soft Flex's premier product is a direct result of the designer's Choice and Voice for an advanced stringing product. Soft Touch Wire is like no other. Soft Touch Wire is available in 4 diameters, .010, .014, .019, and .024, with each spool clearly marking its appropriate use, right on the label. Constructed of either 7, 21, or 49 micro woven stainless steel wires, Soft Touch Wire is so soft, you will not believe it is wire! It offers the same great performance as the Original Soft Flex Wire, but with 50% more suppleness, giving more life and movement to your jewelry designs. We recommend you consider the abrasion level of the beads you are stringing in order to determine the appropriate diameter of Soft Touch Wire you will need. The thicker the wire, the better resistance to breakage it will have.

.010 - 7 strands (Very Fine)


.014 - 21 strands (Fine)


.019 - 49 strands (Medium)


.024 - 49 strands (Heavy)


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