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EuroCrystal was first conceived in 2021 and launched in 2022 to fill the void created by Swarovski’s exit from the DIY market. Made in Austria, all pieces are cut and polished in a single location leading to consistent and quality results in shape, color, and brilliance. The craftsmen behind EuroCrystal use state of the art tools and technology to innovate and create crystal unsurpassed in the market. Beginning with EuroCrystal Pearls, the collection will eventually consist of hundreds of shapes, colors, and effects, including Chatons, Rivolis, and Bicone Beads.

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EuroCrystal Collection > 1088 - XIRIUS Chatons
1088 - XIRIUS Chatons
EuroCrystal Collection > 5810 - Round Pearls
5810 - Round Pearls

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