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Atlantic Gems, Inc. has made every attempt to ensure that our website is as accurate and complete as possible. In order to give you the opportunity to view our products in great detail, products appear larger or smaller than their actual size and the color will vary as well due to different Monitor Resolutions and Color Schemes. Our objective is to provide you with as much information and detail about your prospective purchase as possible so that you can see the beauty and shape of a particular item.

Due to the size of our product selection, there is a possibility that product availability might change. Infrequently, data may be inaccurately displayed due to unforeseen errors. Pricing information may also change due to suppliers, current market rate, etc.. While we make every attempt to avoid these errors, they may occur. We reserve the right to correct any and all errors when they do occur. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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